How to Choose a Jewish Cemetery Monument

Choosing a monument for your loved one’s unveiling ceremony is an important step in the planning.  By designing a cemetery monument, you are reflecting the life of your loved one that will be carried on for decades. Selecting the right Jewish monument is not a quick process and has a lot of thought and time that goes into it. Here is are some considerations to prepare you make this long-lasting choice.

Some people opt to pre-plan their own monuments to spare their families the expense and to have control of how they are remembered.

Step One

Start by determining the requirements and regulations of your cemetery. Many cemeteries have monument size and shape requirements based on the number of graves owned and some cemeteries only allow specific colors of granite. Once you understand these factors, establish your budget. Your options include a single, double or triple headstone, benches, bronze plaques, footstones, ledgers, beds and upright headstones.

Step Two

Determine the color of granite and material for the monument. Granite is a common material for its durability. The material and color will also influence the monument’s appearance. Make sure that your budget aligns with the granite color and material you choose.

Step Three

 Decide what should be inscribed on the monument. You should provide your loved one’s name, birth date and any other relevant information. If you plan to share a headstone, you can engrave additional names or dates after they have passed.

Step Four

 If you want to make your monument more personalized, you can decide on:

  • Is there a specific shape of stone that you prefer?
  • Do you want to add any personal elements to reflect your loved one? Photos can be captured in ceramic or be used to create an etching on the headstone.
  • Would you like to inscribe a religious verse?

A custom memorial provided can usually accommodate most design requests.

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