If a death appears imminent, we suggest calling us to discuss the circumstances. As mentioned in “When Death Occurs”, the place of death and circumstances dictate what needs to be done. Knowing in advance what to do will alleviate a great deal of stress during this difficult time.

It is prudent to call us ahead of time to discuss what to expect when the need arises, what decisions will need to be made, and what information will need to be provided. The following is checklist of items to be considered beforehand:

1.If the person being planned for is not in a facility and not under hospice care, it is important that you know where their primary physician caring for them can be found at any hour. As mentioned in “A Death has Occurred”.

2. Assuming burial as opposed to cremation, does the person you are planning for have cemetery property? If so, is any paperwork regarding the cemetery and specific plot available? If you cannot find the paperwork, we can probably help you locate the plot anyway. If there is no cemetery property, this will need to be addressed and we might very well be able to assist you with facilitating this process and save you a great deal of money as well.

3-You will want to consider the type of service you prefer to plan and the specifics of it as well. For example, a service in our chapel or a service directly at graveside. Or, perhaps a combination where your immediate family gathers at our chapel beforehand for a private goodbye prior to going to the cemetery for a graveside service.

4-Whether you will want a rabbi that you know that you wish to officiate or will you need for us to provide one from our short list of rabbi’s we typically provide if requested

5-Preparation: In the Jewish religion, there is no embalming.  Decedents are either bathed and dressed by us in clothing that the family has provided or a shroud that we will provide. If a family is observant, will you want us to secure the Chevra Kadisha to perform what is known as Tahara ( ceremonial bathing in our Mikvah) and/or Shmeera ( guardian of the soul).

6-Casket choice. This can be done by clicking here.  The choice of casket is personal and can dramatically affect the total cost of the funeral and we suggest you factor this into the choice you make.

7-Will you need us to provide transportation ( limousine) or do you prefer to drive yourself.

8-Will you have a reason for wanting to pay for a notice to be placed in a particular newspaper

9-Will you have a place to return to after the service for shiva observance

This list above encompasses most but not all of the decisions you will be confronted with. We are available to answer any questions and address any concerns you might have that have not been addressed. Call us 631-454-9600.