Star of David Memorial Chapels is owned and operated by Kevin Gray and Andrew Novak, two fully licensed Jewish funeral directors.
Our new Waters of Babylon Chapel can seat up to 300 attendees and our more intimate Isaiah Chapel can accommodate up to 100 attendees.
We are located moments away, practically walking distance, from New Montefiore, Wellwood, and Beth Moses and about a two-minute drive to Mt Ararat.
Although graveside services make sense in many instances, sometimes factors beyond anyone’s control give them limitations. For example, if the weather does not cooperate, things can become rather uncomfortable. Most cemeteries in the metropolitan area prohibit or limit the number of chairs that can be brought and do not provide tents for the service. Elderly, infirm mourners are left to huddle around the graveside for long periods of time. Ambient noises and odors from the surrounding area can contribute to unwanted distractions. Feeling badly for uncomfortable attendees can cause eulogies and heartfelt words to be abbreviated or hastily spoken just to finish up.
Yes, but the interment service after a chapel ceremony is much shorter than a service that takes place from start to finish at graveside. With a chapel service, your loved one can receive the dignified remembrance they deserve.
Then we can schedule the service to be conducted at graveside but you can elect, at no additional charge, to gather in our family room before hand to say an appropriate and dignified last goodbye prior to going to the cemetery (rather than doing so in the back of the hearse in the cemetery parking lot).
Depending upon the services you require, you can expect us to be anywhere from $500 to $3000 less than our nearest competitors. Compare local Jewish funeral home prices here.
Our prices are lower than most but not all. We invite comparison and trust that our true value becomes evident after meeting with us.
It is easy for anyone to claim that they provide the best service but the best way to prove it is to ask the families we have helped in the past. Click testimonials to read some of the kind words people have written about us and do not hesitate to call us for the phone numbers of countless other families that have used our services.
We can help you at any cemetery, providing the same, sensibly priced, unparalleled service that we provide in our chapel or at the nearby cemeteries.
We can provide an appropriate rabbi along with anything else you request including Tahara ( the ceremonial washing ) and Shomer (watcher/guardian to the soul).

With but one phone call to us at (631) 454-9600, we will coordinate all matters with a colleague in the city that death has occurred to transport your loved one to our chapel for an appropriate funeral service and burial. For more information: Death Out of State

Planning in advance is one of the smartest things to do when it comes to arranging a funeral. Simply contact us for an appointment to discuss the details of preplanning funerals.