When a death occurs in a city or state not local to where the deceased is to be buried, making funeral arrangements can become unnecessarily confusing and more costly than they need to be. When your first call upon notice of a death is to Star of David Chapel, our caring and professional staff will ensure that your loved one will be transferred to the locale where the service and/or burial will take place, in a timely manner and at the most reasonable cost.

For a variety of reasons, people often find themselves residing in a state far from where their burial property is located. When a death occurs, arrangements must be made to transfer them to the cemetery where they will be buried. Star of David handles this type of service on a regular basis and has years of experience in making these arrangements.

The Process
We have reciprocal agreements with funeral homes in every city and state in the country. We only entrust the care of your loved one to a funeral home that will represent Star of David in a dignified, caring and professional manner. Upon direction from us, they will transfer the deceased from the place of death to their local funeral home; shelter them; file all of the necessary paperwork to secure the official transfer permit; place the deceased in an airline approved transfer case; and then transport your loved one to the nearest airport. Our representative will arrange to have the deceased placed on a flight and flown to a New York airport. One of the directors from Star of David will be awaiting the arrival of the flight and then transfer the deceased to our funeral home. At this point, all of the specific arrangements you have made with us regarding the funeral service are carried out.
Make the Call

Although it might appear to make sense to contact a funeral home local to where the death has occurred, it is more advantageous to you to call Star of David first. As a rule, it becomes more expensive when two separate funeral homes are involved in funeral arrangements. By utilizing one funeral home (typically, the funeral home handling the burial), the costs become more reasonable. Our partner funeral home in the city where the death has occurred will charge us much less to work on our behalf than they would ordinarily charge a family calling them directly. Your first call should be to Star of David: 1-631-454-9600 or 1-866-95-SHOLOM


As an example, if a family contacted us to handle a transfer from Florida, our transfer fee would consist of $1,395 plus the airfare of $600. (Please note: These are the fees at the time of this writing; please contact us for the current fees) The total cost to transfer a loved one from Florida to New York would be $1,995. Transfer from other states would be comparably priced, possibly varying only in airfare. By comparison, if you contacted a funeral home local to where the death has occurred, you could expect to incur costs at least twice this amount.

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