There’s no denying that funerals cost a lot of money and based upon certain choices, they can become extremely expensive very quickly. As much as we try to keep our prices within reason, operating a funeral home with two large facilities that is available 24/7 is rather costly. Because we refuse to do nothing but our best and do not look to compromise on any aspect of the service we provide, our efforts result in funerals that cost in the thousands.

In addition to our fees, you have to be prepared to pay for disbursements to others that are part of the total cost of the funeral which we will include on our statement as a convenience. These disbursements typically include the cemetery fee for opening the grave, a rabbi’s honorarium, certified death certificates and gratuities. These additional fees, which are not our fees and not marked up by us, typically add roughly $3000 and possibly more to the total cost of the funeral. This is why we suggest that you think carefully before making certain choices. The casket, for example, can add a great deal to the cost of the funeral so we suggest you choose prudently. We never encourage any family to spend more than they can afford.

Our prices are included in our GPL but because the Federal Trade Commission requires us to list a price for every conceivable service offered, the GPL can be very challenging to navigate. Visiting our Caskets page and scrolling to the individual images of what is offered will help you understand what to expect in terms of what the total funeral will cost.

We are always available to discuss ways to help you minimize some of these costs.