Bereavement Travel

We have gathered some information, should you be in need of bereavement travel. This information is current but please confirm with the airline as their policies do change without notice. If it turns out you or someone you know will be unable to attend the funeral, you may use our webcam/phone-in service. Safe travel to all.

American Not provided on website. You must call for more information. Immediate family.** At time of reservation, name of deceased or ill person and their relationship to you; name, address and phone number of funeral home or hospital and name of a person to contact there.
Continental Averages 5 to 20% percent off full-price round-trip coach fare. Immediate family, including foster parents, foster children and legal guardians.** At time of reservation, name and phone number of hospital and doctor’s name for illness, or name and relationship of deceased and contact at funeral home for death
Northwest Little to know discount Immediate family, also clergy who are performing a funeral service** At reservation, name of deceased or ill person and funeral home or hospital telephone number. Plus form to be filled out at check in.
Delta No information provided. You must call for more info. Immediate family.** Proof of death or illness, such as coroner’s certificate, letter from funeral director or note from attending physician.
United Last-minute ticket can be purchased at 7-day advance price (about 10 % off) Immediate family, including domestic partners.** For death, copy of death certificate or letter from funeral home; for emergency, copy of hospital admission/discharge or letter from doctor.
US Airways Varies by market, averaging 10 percent off last-minute fare. Must travel within 7 days of purchase for death and within 3 days for medical emergency. Immediate family, including domestic partners and life partners.** At time of reservation, name and phone number of attending funeral home or attending physician.

**Immediate family is a spouse; parent; child; sibling; grandparent; grandchild, and all great, step, half, adoptive and in-law variation; natural aunt, uncle, cousin, niece and nephew; plus exceptions as noted.

Note: There are no bereavement fares offered by Southwest Airlines.

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