Understanding a Funeral Bill

Become An Expert on Funeral Costs – What the Funeral Will Actually Cost You

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Understanding Costs

Understanding a funeral bill is a challenge for most consumers as a myriad of government regulations have complicated things.  Additionally, most people faced with making funeral arrangements are doing so for the first time. It’s pretty easy to get confused. We’ll try to simplify things here to help you become informed consumers so you can make good decisions. The more informed you are, the more likely you are to choose Star of David Memorial Chapel to help you.

The total cost of a funeral will ultimately be determined by the funeral service provider you choose and the specific merchandise you select. Once these choices are made, the total cost of the funeral can be determined.

The actual funeral bill is broken up in two parts. Part one includes the funeral goods and services provided by the funeral home.  Your choice of funeral service provider and the decisions you make regarding items like the casket, whether you need limousines, etc. will ultimately determine this part of the cost of the funeral.

Part two includes items considered “cash advance” or “third-party charges.” These are services provided by others that a funeral home will obtain and coordinate for you. They are not part of the funeral home’s bill but nonetheless must be accounted for and factored in when calculating the total cost of the funeral.

First we’ll explain the funeral goods and services part and then we will explore these third-party charges.

Funeral Goods and Services

The funeral goods and services (the first part of the funeral bill) that are typically included in a graveside service are:

  • Transferring the deceased to the funeral home
  • Preparation of the deceased
  • Filing of all paperwork and securing of all necessary permits
  • Scheduling the service for the day and time desired by the family
  • Taking the deceased by hearse to the cemetery
  • Supervising the service
  • Providing all of the religious articles necessary for the service
  • The casket

Additional goods and services you may wish to consider include:

  • Limousine
  • Shroud
  • Newspaper notice

The funeral service provider you choose along with the specific goods and services you select will determine this portion of the bill.

Cash Advances
Cash advances for a graveside service will typically include the following:

Cemetery charges to open and close the grave. Depending upon the cemetery, these range anywhere from $1000 to $1850 (and possibly more with overtime)

Clergy – if you don’t have your own we will arrange for one. An expected honorarium for a Rabbi is $600

Death Certificates – depending on the particular county where the deceased has been pronounced, each certificate will cost between $10 and $20.

Gratuities (which we distribute on your behalf), are usually around $75

Additional cash advance items, if requested can include a tahara, shomer, and airfare if the deceased needs to be flown from another state.

Important! – Because there are no mark-ups on cash advance items, those costs will not vary from funeral home to funeral home. For example, a cemetery grave opening charge will not vary no matter which funeral home or service you select. The same goes for the other cash advance items. What will vary from funeral home to funeral home are the charges for funeral goods and services.

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