Don't Just Take Our Word for it

Please read just a small sampling of the many letters we receive on a regular basis from families we serve. Feel free to call us to learn how to ask them directly about the quality of our service.

“When a loved one dies, of course, the focus is on your profound loss. But soon after, you have no choice. You have to think about the logistics. And at time when emotions are running high and family members may be scattered across the country (or not in agreement about the next steps), it’s hard to think clearly. That’s why we can’t say enough about the help and support we got from Kevin Gray. From the minute we called to say that my mother-in-law had passed until her burial was over, he did everything possible to lead the way. He answered all of our questions, graciously took our many phone calls, made great suggestions, and ultimately made arrangements that best suited our large family. When we were back home, we realized how smoothly it all went from beginning to end. Every burden had been lifted. You never want to face these difficult decisions alone, and with Kevin and Star of David, you are very much a team.”
Saralee Rosenberg
Dear Kevin and Andrew, "I am writing to thank you for the wonderful services you provided for my father in-law’s funeral. I was extremely skeptical at the idea of “saving” money on such a solemn occasion, but you explained everything in a professional and sensitive (as well as practical) manner.
The harsh business side of a funeral is real. Things cost money, people grieve and there is always someone to take advantage during this trying time. You are not one of those people. You are a rare find…..a businessman who cares. The funeral home and rabbi were wonderful and I know that my family’ s demands were tougher than most and you rose to the occasion each time.

What impressed me was that during our difficult time, prior to the service, you did the right thing as a businessman. That is why I am writing this letter. Please feel free to post this and show your potential clients who may have any trepidation of using your company. I am as finicky as it comes and you past with flying colors. Be assured that I will recommend your service to anyone I meet."
Mike and Jennifer Sharinn
Carol Scheck Michael Scheck
"Amazing experience – can’t thank them enough! The Star of David Chapel was excellent & I highly recommend them. My Mom’s death did not come as a surprise at all, but I kept putting off making the arrangements, as I wanted something that would be nice, and convenient for all. Being just up the road from New Montefiore Cemetery, made if nice without a long procession drive from the Chapel to the cemetery. My contact with Andrew at the Star of David was extremely professional, yet very caring.

Having a website, extremely detailed, even showing details of coffins, including all pricing, made it extremely easy for me to make that initial call. My first contact with Andy was over the phone, as he went over everything in detail, including all prices. I had friends who had been at services there and they said how clean & professional the place looked.

My family was very pleased with the appearance of the chapel and the way that business was conducted. There was not a push for anything that we didn’t want and there were no hidden costs. They did not do the nickel & dime dance like other places. Everything he said was provided for on the day of the services as well as memorial candles for immediate family members. Each time I called, my questions were answered promptly & courteously.

We didn’t have to do anything ourselves the day of the funeral, the chapel staff handled everything seamlessly. Although it was a closed casket, a few people did request it open to say their “goodbye’s”.

My biggest fear was when they did the make-up for my Mom, they would make her up with lipstick and face make-up that it wouldn’t look like her. I did share my concerns ahead about that. Andrew explained that if I sent a few pictures via e-mail, they would do a great job, and the day of the service, if I didn’t like it, they would re-do it. Much to my pleasure, it could not have been more perfect. They captured her look, perfectly!

I can’t thank Star of David enough for making this day, as good as it could possibly could have been"
Claudia Thaler
January 24, 2018
Dear Mr. Gray: "Although this is a sad and very difficult time in my life, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you and your employees have done. There aren’t enough words to express our gratitude. Your loving and caring transfer of my son’s remains to a final resting place in “Pinelawn” cemetery was noticeable. Mr. Skeeter, one of your Funeral directors who handled all of the burdensome details, is truly an asset to your organization.

His compassion and sincere devotion has made this most painful event in our lives manageable. On behalf of my daughter and myself, I want to thank you and Mr. Skeeter as well as all the members of your organization who assisted in this transition. May God bless you and keep you in his loving arms as you kept my son in yours."
Mr. Angelo J. Russo
Dear Kevin and Andrew "We would be remiss if we did not write thank you for helping us through the funeral of my mother, Bertha Levine. It is really nice know that not only are there still knowledgeable, honest, and caring people in your business; but that they also happen to have the best values and care one could hope for such a dreadful time! Casket prices at most places are outrageous and they have you at a most unfortunate time, when you do not have the best business acumen. Your prepaid services were reasonable. Further, the caskets were made well and deeply discounted.

You worked with us from the beginning right through to the end in every conceivable way. You’ve accommodated our requests, answered all our questions; often knowing what we wanted before we can ask. Your service was complete, and wrought with thoughtfulness like having chairs and blankets for the mourners at the grave site on that cold day. We’ve been to far too many funerals that lacked this kind of considerate care. You’re a consummate professional in every way.

It is interesting to note that your “discount” service, offered us so much more than we’ve received from others from others at previous family losses, despite the fact that we had previously paid double, triple, or quadruple your fees! We will certainly highly recommend your facilities.

The Kalachman and Levine families wish to convey our heart felt gratitude for you caring and handling in our time of need. It is unusual that the grieving will have naught to concern themselves with but their grief….you and Star of David Memorial Chapel helped make that possible. Thank you."
Roberta Kalachman
Dear Mr. Gray:

"I am not sure exactly where to begin in thanking you for bringing some solace into the worst day of my life. After burying my mom three years ago, refraining from making all the painful decisions until the day of her imminent death, my sister and I decided to pre-plan my father’s funeral. I had mixed feelings about this, but we were applying for Medicaid so of course it was the practical thing to do, but in my heart I didn’t want to acknowledge that my dad, my very best friend, was going to be leaving me. I visited a local funeral home and while I didn’t expect to have a good old time, I left feeling somewhat annoyed. I realize everyone has to earn a living, but there are certain professions that I feel require enhanced empathy skills. I know I was just another customer with a sick father but a little warmth, albeit “forced” wouldn’t have been out of line. The cash wasn’t coming out of my pocket so this honestly wasn’t the issue, but I felt I was being steered into spending excessive money on unnecessary AND essential items. Ironically on my way to this particular funeral home, a friend called me and told me about your business, and since I had time on my side I decided to visit your store. I was hesitant at first because this really isn’t the type of comparison shopping that is fun to do. However, after talking to you for ten minutes, I felt it was the best decision I made regarding this entire depressing ordeal. First of all, you were honest.what a refreshing attribute to find in the business world! Second, you were able to “read” the type of person I was and tapped into my needs and feelings. You explained all I needed to know in a professional yet empathetic way. There wasn’t one ounce of insincerity in your manner, in fact you suggested that I spend LESS on a casket than I was originally planning to spend. You spent much more time than was even necessary, making me feel comfortable and at peace with my decisions. Because of this, I trusted you to make all the other arrangements (choosing the funeral home, selecting a priest to speak at my dad’s graveside, etc). When my dad died only a few weeks later, all that was required was a simple phone call and you were “there”. I not only respect you as a businessman but as a person whom I was fortunate enough to meet in this crazy, fast paced world. In fact, I find myself enthusiastically recommending your services to all my friends, even though I sometimes get some pretty strange looks! Thanks again and again.."
Lori Schanback