Vital Statistical Information

The first part of the process is providing us with the vital statistical information we will need. The simplest way to provide this to us is by visiting the homepage of our website, scrolling to RESOURCES, then the dropdown menu for VITAL STATISTICS FORM. Or, simply click on the this link. Here, you can see what will be required to be included on the death certificate that we secure and complete. It also asks for information that we will need to help secure permits and interface with the cemetery. The form will allow you to safely submit this information to us. At the very least, it will enable you to see what will be needed. Once we receive this information, we can keep it on file for when the need arises.


Any paperwork you might have regarding cemetery space is always helpful but not always necessary. If the person you are planning for is a veteran and you would like us to secure an honor guard, you will need to locate their discharge papers.


If your preference is to have us dress the decedent in clothing, it’s helpful to set that aside in advance so that we may recover it at the time of passing or shortly thereafter. Anything you would like to include is fine. Undergarments are appropriate. Shoes are not necessary. Providing us with a photo is also very helpful. We recognize that the casket is closed but many families request the opportunity for a private last goodbye with the casket opened just for them and we try to do our best to make the decedent look as close as possible to the way they looked when alive.

Death Certificates

We will secure certified copies of the death certificate for. Here is a state fee for each copy you request. The number you will need is typically predicated upon someone’s financial holdings. You might want to consult with a financial professional or estate attorney to learn how many you will need.