Why Do We Have Funerals?

Although we may lose the physical presence of our loved ones, the memory of them will remain in our hearts and minds forever. Before tucking these memories away, we must say an official goodbye to their physical being and that is typically carried out by holding a funeral.

In order to preserve the bodies and honor the individuals that we lost, we engage in funeral planning which includes preparing the body for burial, the funeral service, and burial. While all of this is difficult to do when we experience the death of someone close to us, funerals actually fulfill many of our emotional needs during these moments.

Funerals allow us to say goodbye to those who have passed on.  Holding funeral services helps with acceptance of death and reminds us that there is hope and healing on the horizon. While our lives have been changed, that does not mean the person is gone. They are rather, with us in spirit, which inevitably takes time to adjust to. 

One of the most important aspects of funerals is that they provide us with a support system while we are grieving. Friends, family, and the community will provide their support, love, and condolences by attending the funeral and shiva. Their presence helps mourners appreciate the impact that the deceased had on others while living.

Memorial services allow us to pay tribute to the accomplishments of our friends and family that have passed on.  They allow us to recall the memories we have shared with our loved one. And ultimately, they mark the significance of the life that was lived. These services force us to face reality and begin mourning, which is necessary in order to heal. During the mourning period, we are reminded of the blessing of life, and we can recognize that it is okay to acknowledge death.

Reflecting on the meaning of life and death can also help with the healing process. Considering this, funerals also offer continuity and hope for the living. Although a loved one is no longer with us physically, we, the living are still here and have a wonderful life to live. Funerals can help us appreciate the memories we have made and the future ahead of us.

We must honor those who have passed in an atmosphere of love, support, and mutual grief. At Star of David Memorial Chapels, our funeral directors will help you to make funeral arrangements that will honor your loved ones in the proper way. Contact us today at 631-454-9600 to find out about all the services that we offer.

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