Ways to Honor Your Loved One

After losing a loved one many people have a hard time moving on. They feel as if they will forget about them. That is not true at all, we have found some ways to honor a loved one so you can move on, but their memory is never forgotten.

Cooking Their Favorite Meal
A nice way to honor your loved one after they passed is by cooking their favorite meal. You know what the house smells like when they used to make it, and what it tasted like. So now you can re -create that smell and taste by cooking it. It will make the whole family feel warm and as if your loved one is still there with you.

There are so many ways to honor your loved one after they passed. Another way to do that is by giving to a charity they were passionate about. Therefore, making a donation in their name. This will allow you to give back but also give to a good cause. Your loved one might have made donation to that charity before or talked about wanting to do it.

Creating a Memorial
Creating a memorial about your loved one is a really nice way of honoring their passing and always having a memory of them. Gather pictures of all their friends and families and create a collage. Something you are proud of and feel good to hang up. Then hang it up in your home so their memory is always there with you.

Celebrating Their Birthday
Lastly, by continuing to celebrate their birthday every year will help to keep their memory alive. This allows you to continue on as if they were still here. Go out to dinner and get a cake that way you do not feel as if you lost them.

The four ways listed above are ways to keep your loved one’s memory alive. The loss of a loved one is never easy, and people tend to feel like if they don’t honor them their memory will be forgotten. These honorable ideas will help you feel as if you’re doing enough to keep their presence alive. Star of David Memorial Chapel is here to help in any way possible. Contact us today.

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