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Three Reasons to Preplan Your Funeral

Funeral preplanning gives you the opportunity to shape your final send off.

Funeral preplanning has many benefits and can provide comfort and peace of mind to both you and your loved ones. When you are ready to proceed, you will sit with an experienced funeral director to discuss everything from choosing a casket to addressing any concerns that you may have about the process. Ultimately, you will walk away with arrangements that are right for you and for your finances.

Here is why you should begin considering to preplan your funeral:

1. It is a Relief for Your Family Members

Pre-planning a funeral can lift a huge burden off of your loved ones, both emotionally and financially. Since the funeral will generally happen between 24 hours and 48 hours from when death occurred, an already planned funeral will give your family the opportunity to focus on communicating the information and mourning without the added stress of making arrangements. Let your family focus on happy memories, without the time constraint, pressure, and potential costs of setting up the funeral and burial.

2. YOU are Able to Make the Decisions and Communicate Your Final Wishes

Oftentimes, families struggle to understand and fulfill all of their loved ones’ wishes. Preplanning allows you to make some of the bigger choices, leaving your family and funeral director with a clear blueprint on how to proceed at the time of death. Although this may not be easy, deciding your funeral arrangements including venue and how you want to be remembered, can ease the process for all.

The opportunity to shape your final send off  includes: choosing your casket, communicating any religious or family traditions with the funeral home, citing specific readings or songs you want included in the ceremony, selecting who you want to offer a eulogy, and even providing a list of loved ones to come in from out of town to ensure everyone can make it.

3.  Save Money

Preparing for your funeral ahead of time will help you take advantage of current funeral costs and may give you the ability to qualify for Medicaid services.  You can explore an estate planning provision, setting up an irrevocable trust. All of your money will be safe and the medical coverage or long term care through Medicaid can be a huge monetary savings for you and your family.

While all of this may help guide you, there may still be trepidation with tackling something so morose. You may require even more insight as to why this is the right decision. The National Funeral Directors Association also shares additional reasons to plan in advance.

We are Here to Help!

While this highlights several reasons to preplan your funeral,  please feel free to contact Star of David Memorial Chapels on Long Island for even more information related to preplanning (631-454-9600). Our funeral directors are here to help you with making stress-free arrangements for funeral or cremation services. We offer payment programs that can be molded to fit the needs of you and your family.

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