Limo driving


Limo driving

One of the most important considerations when choosing a funeral home is proximity to the cemetery. A funeral home near the cemetery allows for greater convenience in transporting the body, removes stress and anxiety associated with a long procession to the cemetery, and holds additional benefits that should not be overlooked.

Many people do not give funeral processions a second thought when making end-of-life planning decisions. However, it may play a more significant part in the decision-making process once the value of convenience becomes apparent.

Here are several positive attributes of short funeral processions:

1. Holding a funeral service at a funeral home near the cemetery reduces travel time for family members and those participating in the procession to the burial site. Moving along shorter distances minimizes stress associated with traveling and allows for more time to spend together during the service. Additionally, it prevents encountering unexpected traffic delays that can lead to lateness and added anxiety.

Saying goodbye is a stressful experience, and a smooth transition from the chapel service to the gravesite is ideal. It is best to feel calm upon arrival at the cemetery gates. Being in a relaxed state will ease the process of saying final goodbyes.

2. Reduced travel time in a procession creates safer conditions. Funeral attendees often follow the procession through red lights and stop signs to keep everyone together. Most motorists are aware of and adhere to funeral procession etiquette. However, there is always a chance that an accident may occur due to a deviation from traffic rules.

Keep in mind that processions date back to ancient times. They have evolved over centuries but continue to operate as a contiguous line of cars, even with hectic, modern-day traffic conditions. Navigating what could be a fairly extensive line of vehicles through today’s bustling roadways and intersections can be a daunting task.

While processions are carried out as a sign of respect towards the deceased, reducing the drive time does not diminish this observance.

3. Using a funeral home near the cemetery reduces travel costs associated with the transportation of the body and for those attending services. Hearse and limousine fees are generally based on a specific number of miles. Prices can increase per mile after going above the preset distance.

It is worthwhile to consider all of these benefits when making funeral arrangements. The advantages remain true whether planning a funeral at the time of need or in advance.

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For those looking for a Jewish funeral home close to a cemetery on Long Island, New York, consider Star of David Memorial Chapels. We are located moments away from many of Long Island’s Jewish cemeteries, including New MontefioreBeth MosesWellwood, and Mount Ararat. The uniquely convenient location of our funeral chapels enables us to think of ourselves as “Procession-Proof.”

Aside from our advantageous location, we offer a wide range of services to meet each family’s needs. Contact our funeral directors if you need additional information. Our team will be happy to answer any questions. Call us at 631-454-9600.