Steps of the Grieving Process

Losing a loved one is never easy. We understand your pain. Everyone copes with the loss of a loved on differently. We have gone through the steps of the grieving process and how you can deal with them.

Going through the loss of a loved one is extremely hard. Everyone grieves differently. The first step in the grieving process is denial/shock. In this step it is still so fresh, you can’t wrap your head around it. You feel like you are just living a bad dream waiting to wake up. Sometimes in this step, your ability to do daily activates is hard; you have trouble getting up and moving forward. Once the shock subsides, most people become angry (whether it’s with yourself or someone else). Depending on how the person passed, you become angry at a person or the situation, looking to blame someone or something. You begin to feel helpless and abandoned. Next, you begin making deals. You try to make deals with God or friends in hopes the situation will change; you start thinking what you could’ve done differently. If only you could’ve changed that one thing and the person would still be here. Moving into the fourth stage: depression. You start to realize that there is nothing you can do. The feeling of sadness overwhelms you begin to feel depressed. You feel sad and overwhelmed. You are getting used to the change and trying to deal with it. You isolate yourself from friends and family and have a lot of self-pity. Finally, you come to terms with it with the final step being acceptance. Here you start adjusting to your life and start moving on, keeping your loved one deep in your heart and mind, while beginning to live your life as before. You have a sense of hope and healing. Now you are on your way up to a better tomorrow.

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