Mr. Norman Goldfisher

Date: Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Time: 11:00am

Location: Graveside

Cemetery: Wellwood Cemetery

Other Place of Service:
Rabbi 516-509-2364


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Ruth Salen
3 years ago

Norm was a neighbor of mine and prior to Covid we traveled most mornings to the train station to head to work. He was a kind and loving man. We will miss him. Sending love and healing thoughts to your family. May his memory be a blessing.

Margaret Tortorelli
3 years ago

Norman was a wonderful 7th floor neighbor – we first met on the shuttle to the train/bus stop where we learned we both lived on the 7th floor and also learned that he used to live in Coney Island/Wabash Towers – where some good friends of mine still live. Norm loved talking about his new grandson and showing all his pictures – especially during these Covid times. I enjoyed sharing some of my cooking with him – he certainly loved receiving fresh baked cakes, cookies and some occasional home-cooked Italian food for dinner. I also reaped the rewards of all the snacks he bought and also a few very good bottles of wine! I am so sad and will miss Norm very, very much. I send my sincerest thoughts and prayers to your family.

Joan Giannola
3 years ago

I got to know Norman over the past year during the Covid lockdown. I live across from him on the 7th Floor. He was a wonderful neighbor and I will miss him very much. It was an honor to know him. Please accept my sincere condolences.

The Curran family
3 years ago

This photo is from our daughter’s graduation day – Norman joined us for a makeshift celebration.

Marc Curran
3 years ago

Norman was a very great friend. He was very kind and gave me lots of things such as my favorite snack. I am sorry he passed away and I miss him very much. Marc

Katherine Winkleman
3 years ago

I met Norman during his move into his new apartment on the 7th floor. Right off the bat, hmmmm, I learned that he was an avid Yankees fan. Being a neighbor, especially during a pandemic, one really has the opportunity to learn others’ habits. If he could have done the laundry at 5am, he would have. We had a non-discussed competition — who could get theirs in to the washer first. Well, to be honest, it was one-sided. I don’t think he could have cared less, but it was fun for me. I always got a kick out of seeing Norman. He would inspire a smile or even a guffaw. In fact, I’m smiling right now as I type this, but through a heavy heart. I think about him every day – at least once, if not much more. Funny how someone can wiggle his way into one’s heart without either person realizing. The loss of Norman has touched so many of us — his absence creates a hole in our building’s network of friends. I can’t begin to imagine how you, his family, are feeling. Please know that he was much appreciated and enjoyed by those on the 7th floor, the building staff and basically everyone who met him in our East Harlem building. You are very much in my thoughts and prayers.

Eric Goldfisher
3 years ago

Thank you all so much for the kind words about my Dad. He always spoke so highly of his neighbors and friends. It means a lot to read these comments during this difficult time. Perhaps we will cross paths some day.

John Winkleman
3 years ago

Waiting for the shuttle was always much more enjoyable if Norman was around…we’d chat about the news, sports and then, his excitement about being a grandfather. He was so friendly and warm hearted. I just wanted to take a second to let you know he will be missed – he was a really nice guy. I urge you to do what we do in our family – and, celebrate your Dad – his love of the Yankees, his work and his spirit. Our son was a very little boy when my dad died but through stories, photos, etc… our son feels as if Dad is still there – it has helped turn sorrow into joy.

Dana Rosen
3 years ago

Thank you all so much for these kind and thoughtful words. I wanted to post and share the words I said at my fathers funeral :
I never dreamed of the day I would have to stand without you. You are my rock and every reason I am who I am, and where I am today.

You said you lived for us but I lived for you. You taught me that my brother and i come first and that is why i know i must go on and teach our son Andrew. Your positive energy and selflessness was indescribable and truly unnatural. You always said you were my number one fan and I never felt any less than #1.

And you were always first in line, you made sure of it by always being up every hour of the night. Whether it was to snag the first tickets to an event, amazon prime day, or to get a sports autograph – I even said you would beat everyone to the hospital even myself when Andrew was ready to meet the world.

You never missed a moment not even a second of my life. Wherever my heart was beating yours was right there next to mine in sync.

You had everything and yes I mean everything. You were stock piled full of supplies for us whenever we needed. Ask me where you put it all in that 1 bedroom of yours (I have no idea) but whether it be an extra electric toothbrush, spatchula, or 5 lbs of nuts (we asked and you always returned) you just never knew when you needed a 4th hair dryer so you may as well buy it on sale. You had a lot of what you called “nice items.” I learned to always be careful telling you about a new seltzer or snack that I liked – because in a weeks time my door way would be covered with not 1 but 20 cases of that item… and then months later just when you thought he may have forgotten you once were into grapefruit seltzer- there was a huge sale so another 30 cases showed up at your door.

But above physical items, you had unmeasurable LOVE. My dad remembered everything and everyone. He touched not only his family, their friends, neighbors , but everyday people he passed throughout his daily life .. cashiers, receptionists… everyone spoke about his kind heart and funny personality.

We cannot forget the Yankees your other heart and soul. Most of you already know my dads unbelievable collection that plastered every inch of his walls even his bathroom. You just loved walking around looking at each piece – they each have a story, a memory of how you got it.

You had passion and strength beyond words. You taught me to strive for the best and never accept anything less.

You called me your diamond, which I now realize makes complete sense because they are made from rocks. Our relationship as father and daughter was unmatched. Not only did we speak 5 or more times a day, you could tell what I was thinking or feeling by just hearing me breathe. We were connected in a way only you and I could describe. We would see each other at least 3 times a week, whether we were going to a food event, out for lunch (most likely sushi), or just for you to bring me some nice items you collected for me because you always had us on your mind.

Just as our son, Andrew is our angel, daddy you truly lit up our world. I know people say they had the best but you were beyond words, one of a kind – a kind we could only hope to come close to one day.