Luisa Gould Aka Seber

Date: Saturday, April 10, 2021

Time: 12:00pm

Location: Graveside

Cemetery: St Charles Cemetery

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Carmen López
3 years ago

I am Luisa Seber’s sister, My name is Carmen López. Although she was older than me, we did not live our childhood together and we always lived at a distance, I have fond memories of her. In Spain her family always had her very close.

We had regular phone contact and I am very happy to have been able to visit her in New York just two years ago.

This picture was taken the in late 70′. Our father was happy to have her in Madrid.

I wish her to rest in peace. A hug for the whole family

Carolina Rodríguez-López
3 years ago

My name is Carolina Rodríguez-López
I am one of the nieces that Luisa had in Spain. I can remember her in her first visits to Madrid when I was a child. Then, I was able to stay with her in New York in 2003. I’ll never forget these days during the huge blackout that the city suffered. We had walks, we laughed a lot and talked about our family history
It’s so difficult for me to imagine that in my next travel to NYC I’ll can see her.
I send all my love and support to her American family. Today, we are all together.
All my best. Carolina

Raquel R. López
3 years ago

My name is Raquel Rodríguez López
I am another of the nieces that Luisa had in Spain.
I am Carolina’s sister. I also remember her in that first visit to Madrid despite I was 4 or 5 years old.
I send my condolences and support to her family there. Today, both my husband and me were attending the funeral through Zoom. Thank you for your iniciative.
All my best. Raquel

Diana M Siegel
2 years ago

I am Diana M Siegel Gould daughter of Luisa Gould Lopez Siegel I can remember her raising in private Catholic Schools in New York New Jersey and Europe. She gave me a good Religious Education Amen God Rest her soul

Diana M Siegel
2 years ago

I am Diana Gould Siegel thanking everyone for their memories contact me at 40 Maine Ave RVC NY 11570 telephone number 516-360-8909

Diana M Siegel
2 years ago

Correction Apartment 3C God Bless You All

Diana M Siegel
1 year ago

I am Luisa Gould Lopez Seber’s Daughter Diana Gould Siegel and I want to get in touch with the rest of my family please email me at all trans395@gmail .com Thank You Diana