Judit Taylor

Date: Friday, July 3, 2020

Time: 11:30am

Location: Graveside

Cemetery: Wellwood Cemetery


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Louise Wellemeyer
3 years ago

Judit has been a large part of our lives for the last 15 years. Our boys grew up with Dina’s girls and benefited from sharing their grandparents. We learnt from her the importance of family – Judit kept every branch of her and Al’s family connected and united. We also understood the huge importance of education. She was a special person with a wonderful and interesting personal history, but most importantly she nurtured and encouraged not only her immediate family but all the local school children in the classrooms she worked in. She cast her net wide upon the world and I am sure there are many who walk now in this world who were lifted up and helped along by her care for their education. We remember her with fond affection and love. Louise, John, Douglas and James Wellemeyer

Yona Walder-Greenberger
3 years ago

I knew Judith since I was born 76 years ago, Her parents Jeno and Erzi Lichtenstain came to Israel together with my parent in 1939 from Cecoslovakia, they were relatives and very good friends, Judith was a example for me in the army, as a teacher in the kindergarden, as wonderful doughter to her parents, wife to Alvin and to her children and grandchildren, with so much humer and visdom, I will miss her so much… Baruch Dayan Haemeth…

danny Lichtenstein
3 years ago

Dear Alvin, Naomi, Jonathan, Dina,

the news of Judit’s death struck me deeply. When such a final fact becomes reality, you ask yourself what could have been done better and what was missing. Yes, unfortunately we talked far too little with each other and we saw each other far too little.

For me, Judit was a character who, through her warm-heartedness and care for the family, was a role model. My father, who had passed away for a long time, unfortunately also had a deep relationship of trust with the whole family, that he had given me on my way to her and with you. I very much regret that I have seen and spoken too little of Judit and it should be a challenge for improvement for our generation of our wonderful family.

I wish you much strength for the coming days to survive the terrible pain. I am with you in thoughts

Danny & Bettina and kids Boaz, Denys, Roxana

3 years ago

Dear Uncle Alvin, Naomi, Jonathan, and Dina,
As I write this, I realize I lost my second mother and my role model. It is amazing how years can go but love does not fade at all. As a child I knew I was important because she loved me. She always had time to listen. Goodness knows, I never wanted to disappoint her! She is and will always be a part of me. Her advice and nurturing have shaped and influenced who I am. What would Aunt Judit do?!
As for my childhood memories, the ones I hold most dear, were with your Mom. Her reading Charlotte’s Web to Dina and I on the front stoop, a chapter at a time after school, is by far one of my most cherished.
I love you all. I know how fortunate and blessed I was to have her, and all of you, in my life. My deepest condolences to you and your families.

Mary Mazzanti
3 years ago

Judit was a loving, generous person and I feel so lucky to have had her as my mother-in-law. I know her grandchildren where the light of her life and I have so many memories of her teaching and reading to Leah and Nina along with praising their artwork. I think what amazed me the most about her was her incredible strength both mentally and physically. She was always ready to engage in a new activity and would do so with great energy and enthusiasm. She was immensely loyal to her family and friends and always ready to help. I see these same characteristics daily in Jonathan and I know I have her and Alvin to thank for shaping him into the person I know and love.

Dorene Schaub Rothmann
3 years ago

Uncle Alvin, Naomi, Jonathan, Dina, and families,
I have to agree with my sister June’s words – losing Aunt Judit is like losing a second mother. We grew up in your house almost as much as our own.
Aunt Judit taught me to read (One Apple Up on Top) and to play the piano (wash your hands first and trim your nails! Keep those fingers rounded!) She tried to teach me to dance.
I learned about Jewish traditions in your house – watching your Mom make latkes (and eating them!), spinning the dreidel for pennies, eating apple with honey on Rosh Hashanah, even learning a little Hebrew.
It may sound strange but I still think about her every time I salt the slugs in the garden – I vividly remember discussing the slugs with her. Funny the things you remember, right?
There are so many memories of Aunt Judit that I could talk for hours. But what I want to say most is, Aunt Judit was a wonderful, caring, and loving person. She will be greatly missed.

Terri Giolli
3 years ago

Dear Uncle Alvin, Naomi, Jonathan, Dina and family,
My heartfelt sympathies to you and your families! So many of my childhood memories of growing up in Queens is intertwined with the Taylor family. Swimming lessons, putting on summer plays for the neighbors, sharing Hanukkah with you. I always knew we were be watched by my mom, Aunt Judit and Aunt Cathy. We were very lucky and very loved.
I will really miss Aunt Judit. She always called me to check in to see how my family was doing when she received my holiday card.
Aunt Judit was a very special person. Although we didn’t get to see her and Uncle Alvin too much they always will and do hold a special place in my heart.
Please know I’m thinking of all of you. Sending love and prayers during this difficult time.
Love, Terri Schaub Giolli

Boaz Lichtenstein
3 years ago

Dear Alvin, Naomi, Jonathan & Dina,
my deepest condolences to you and our entire family. Even though I didn’t know Judit very well, however my father told me many stories and what a kind person Judit was. I will never forget the joy I felt when Judit and Alvin flew to Germany for my Bar Mitzvah! May she rest in peace!
Baruch dayan emet

Edna & Danni
3 years ago

Dear Alvin, Naomi, Dina, Jonathan,

We were so sorry to hear about our beloved Judit passing… We have so many great memories from her, we loved her so much…
Me and Moshe were lucky to meet Alvin and Judit during our visit at NY last October.
She was extremely fortunate to have such loving and dedicated family, especially you, Alvin.
Our children send you their love.
We all share your sorrow.
Be well, keep safe.
Edna & Danni

Sarah A Good
3 years ago

I have very fond memories of Mrs.Taylor. She was my first teacher. She was loving and patient. We went out on all kinds of weather. Raining or snowing, we were out there! She was ahead of her time. She used the natural elements as a classroom. At snack time, we had apples and apple juice! For Birthday parties, we had sponge cake. She made every child feel special. I had the rare opportunity to have grown up on the same block as her in Bayside. She watched me become a mother. I remember trick or treating with my son, and She shared with me that she was becoming a Grandma! The excitement in her voice was unforgettable. She was unforgettable. She greatly influenced my life. I have been teaching preschool for the past 20 years. My deepest condolences to your family

Justine Schaub
3 years ago

Dear Uncle Alvin, Naomi, Jonathan and Dina,
I hope Aunt Judit knew how much I loved her. She made us all feel so very special. I was honored to be her first student and to have had her influence in my life. I remember always being so happy to see the Taylor name on the Queensboro family sign post. I would then know what a great weekend we would have and that I could sit on Aunt Judit’s lap at the campfire. I feel blessed to have so many wonderful memories of her and I know you have a thousandfold of your own to cherish. My deepest sympathy on the loss of your beloved, Justine