Dr. Maurice Carter

Date: Thursday, April 23, 2020

Time: 2:30pm

Location: Graveside

Cemetery: Beth David Cemetery


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emma allen
3 years ago

Incredibly grateful for the times I spent with Marty & his family, for his generosity of home & spirit. Sending all my love to Ilise Thelma & Adam

Craig Bolton
3 years ago

It was an honor to get to know Dr. Carter the last few years and learn from his wisdom, generosity and kindness. He will be very missed. Love to Ilise, Thelma and Adam.

Christine Colby
3 years ago

My heart goes out to Thelma, Ilise, and Adam. I’ve always had the utmost respect for Dr. Carter and thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent with him. I wish I could pay my respects in person. Love to all of you.

Luci Piña
3 years ago

I never had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Carter, however I’m grateful to call his daughter Ilise my friend. In that way I feel I’ve been lucky to receive the kindness and generosity that he may have instilled in her. I offer my deepest sympathy to Ilise and her family for this great loss.

Nicolette Baron
3 years ago

All of my heart goes to Ilise and your family.

Meirav Devash
3 years ago

I consider myself lucky to have met Dr. Carter and experienced his humor and hospitality (as well as his chauffeuring skills). As the father of one of my longtime close friends, I was already a huge fan of his work. As it turns out, kindness and wit was in Ilise’s DNA the whole time courtesy of Maurice and Thelma. My heart goes out to the whole family. This is such a loss. He was very loved and will be missed by many. יהי זכרו ברוך

Rosalie Goldberg
3 years ago

So many memories of a long friendship. I am so sad that I can’t be with you in person. My deepest condolences to
the family.

Katy Mastorakis
3 years ago

My deepest condolences to Ilise and her family.

tobi cisin
3 years ago

I’m glad that I met cousin Maurice

Kenneth a Eckstein
3 years ago

Maurice & Thelma lived across the street from our family house in Quiogue…my father was getting ill, he was in the pool and sank….my mom (hariet) called out and Maurice pulled him out and revived him! he was blue and maurice gave him mouth to mouth breathing…he recovered! He was a funny, intelligent guy, my sympathies to Thelma and the family!

Judy kamp
3 years ago

I worked for Marty sobs ago, as a young college graduate….knew his family..lovely people..I am so sorry….

Judith Edelstein
3 years ago

I just found Marty’s business card in an old file, and am so sorry to see that he died. He was a terrific doctor and a wonderful human being. He went to medical school with my brother Michael Edelstein. He was always kind to me and my family. Thelma, you came to my rabbinic ordination party and gave me a lovely gift, which is still on display in my home. Please accept my deepest condolences. Marty was a true mentsch and a very interesting person.