Paul Margolies

Date: Friday, April 17, 2020

Time: 3:00pm

Location: Graveside

Cemetery: New Montefiore Cemetery


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4 years ago

I knew Paul through my wife Shari, who is the cousin of Paul’s wife Dell. Shari always said that Paul was more like an actual cousin than a cousin by marriage, and the stories about his relationship with the Atlas children were funny and engaging. I only knew him for a little more than a dozen years, but I liked and respected Paul immensely. He was an avid bicyclist for many years, and I loved to hear his stories about his biking adventures overseas. He had such a rich life, including being a successful businessman, who loved to work, and worked until the end. He was also a family icon, beloved by all (including his extended family of in-laws, cousins, etc.), and so proud of his children and grandchildren. Such a unique and amazing guy, Paul was one in a million. Smart, insightful, bold and witty, all who knew him were enriched by him. Beyond all that, Paul was a generous man with a vibrant soul whose inspiration and presence in our lives will continue.

Allan Atlas
4 years ago

To Dell, Steven and Debbie : Although we can not be with you today , you are in our thoughts . We loved Paul for his humor, kindness and his gentleness . Thone, Allan and Erik .

Wendy Atlas
4 years ago

Paul- I certainly did not see you often but the days of hanging out at the pool in N Woodmere will never be forgotten- you were always so welcoming to me and my friends- your spirit will always remain

Leonard Atlas
4 years ago

Dear Dell, Steven & Debbie,
Words typed on a page don’t seem adequate to talk about your husband and father and my feelings toward him and memories of him. Perhaps the tears on my keyboard tell you how much I admired, loved and respected him both as my “oldest cousin” but also our coolest cousin and sudo big-brother. He single-handily created the Atlas family dessert icon, need we say more? We all share in feeling your loss and being with you digitally, virtually and spiritually. Love cousin Lennnnard in the yard.

Heather Boser
4 years ago

Dell, Steven, Debbie (and their families),

I am very sorry to hear of Paul’s passing. I remember spending time with the family in my younger years. Heartfelt condolences to the family at this difficult time. The pandemic makes it even more challenging to family to comfort one another (in person). Again, so very sorry to hear this news. l will see you all on the Shiva call Sunday.

Heather Boser (daughter of Lynn Atlas)

Marcia Atlas
4 years ago

Dear Del and Crew!
Heartbreaking for so many reasons.
Paul was the kind, funny, deliberate, thoughtful , generous loving “glue.” He was just special.
Wishing you all strength and love.

Susan Friday
4 years ago

Uncle Paul was dearly loved, and will be missed by all who knew him. Sending you all socially distanced hugs and kisses while you weather this huge loss.

Sharon Spungen
4 years ago

Uncle Paul was a great man, a great father, a fun uncle. I have so many loving memories of him from my growing up years. He was dearly loved. He always had a huge smile and a twinkle in his eye. Aunt Dell, Debbie, Steve and family … our hearts go out to you all. May we all be blessed by our memories of Uncle Paul.

Jona Szapiro
4 years ago

Although we never socialized personally, I spoke to Paul just about every day for the better part of 45 years. He was a real gentleman and a good friend and I will truly miss him.

Raymond L. Arroyo (Margolies)
4 years ago

Paul Margolies, I love you Paul. Wow. Just wow. Paul you were an Angel sent by God to not just watch me from the sideline. But you help to take carel of my dad which in turn he took care of my brother and I. Man oh man, Paul I’ll always remember coming back from my road test and letting you know I passed. You literally threw the keys of your Mercedes Benz and said go to the bank. I remember the look on my dads face. Haha. That’s one of many. From unloading the Gerber Trucks, to handing out Flyers, cleaning and then counter, driver and then adding me to the team inside the office. You taught me so much. You should be how to be a man of my word, a good and loving husband, you showed me how I should Love my son by your endless love for your Children Steve and Debbie. Dell such a great strong and beautiful, smart woman. Paul I will miss you. Thank you.

Ken Margolies
4 years ago

Growing up cousin Paul was a favorite and as adults a good friend. I think when he married Dell it was the first wedding I ever attended. Lots of good memories. My condolences to Dell and the whole family. Ken Margolies

Erica (Ricky) Klein
4 years ago

I remember Uncle Paul slipping me a thimble-sized apricot sour when I was a teenager. He was always fun and told jokes like Grandpa Harry. I miss you all and hope you are holding up.

David Klein
4 years ago

He was “Boomah”…I don’t know why! He called ketchup chippick…I don’t know why!
He was funny and loving and kind. I will always remember him and smile. May his memory be a blessing for all who knew and loved him.

Fran Bogdanoff
4 years ago

To Dell and Steve and Debbie,
I know that today is the hardest day in one’s life- to leave behind someone you loved and cared for seems unfair. Please know that Paul will remain with each of you, and the children, in your memories and in your heart. You will keep him alive from all the great stories and some of the not so great ones, but they make the life of Paul real and true.
Paul was like an older brother/fun Dad/great cuz that we all wanted to be with as we grew up. He had funny faces, hysterical words- who made up “snot cakes” and adventures we all wanted to be part of. As an adult we still basked in the glow of spending time with Dell and Paul- his wisdom and advice were spot on and he cared passionately for whoever or whatever he spoke about.
We will miss Paul, though his life was growing “smaller “ and more confined, his heart never changed.
Our love to you all and we know that his memory will always be for a blessing!

Love always,
Fran & Mark

Matt Shafer
4 years ago

My Uncle Paul was one of the funniest, caring men I have ever known. I have soo many great memories of looking up to this amazing role model – RIP

Ciciley Margolies
4 years ago

I have memories of Paul as a child. He was full of mischief. When he got a little older he babysat for my boys. I remember his wedding and good times at his home in the city.
My heart goes out to Dell and the others in his family.

Richard Sherman
4 years ago

Paul and Dell generously hosted the last major Margolies Family reunion at their NYC apt. about 20 years ago. I’ve missed my cousin Paul ever since we had lunch together with my mom near South Street Southport about 15 years ago. He and his family will always have a special place in our hearts.
Richard & Melissa Sherman

Shari Atlas–Miljoner (1)
4 years ago

I am so very saddened about the passing of my cousin Paul.
My brother Larry, who was extremely close to Paul, is no longer here to write his own message. Most of my childhood memories of Paul involve Larry since we were always together. Paul was such a special person and time spent with both Dell and Paul was a highlight of our childhood. There are so many memorable moments, but two are most memorable to me. While crossing Merrick Road in Laurelton one Sunday morning with Larry and me, when we were 4 or 5, Paul held tightly onto our hands. Paul took us to “Four Star” bakery to buy sweets for the family to enjoy. The bakery was very crowded and the workers were little old ladies with hair nets. Larry was very excited when he saw the familiar delicious pastries. Larry pointed to the display case and in a very LOUD voice he told the lady… “I want THAT SNOT CAKE” ! From then on, that was the phrase that Paul used to refer to an éclair. We did not know until we were much older that there was any other word for “snot cake.” (continued…)

Shari Atlas-Miljoner (2)
4 years ago

(2) Another special memory was sitting next to Paul at the Margolies’ Canarsie home one Sunday. Dell is a gourmet cook, and Paul loved her cooking, except for certain vegetables – though Dell made delicious fried cauliflower, zucchini and other veggies. That Sunday I remarked how delicious they were. Paul then distracted me and kept refilling my plate, as the family laughed.

Joel and Elaine Margolies
4 years ago

Today happens to be my 86th birthday and as the eldest cousin I am so saddened to hear of Paul’s passing. My deepest sympathy to Dell and the whole family..

Howard & Keryn Frankel
4 years ago

Became business friends with Paul back into the 90’s , and although we weren’t friends socially , I can honestly say we were friends. Truly one of the hardest working people in our industry , nothing ever stopped him. I will miss his calls and emails , and most of all just miss Paul. Our thoughts and prayers are with Paul and his family.

Alan Shafer
4 years ago

My deepest condolences to Dell, Steven, Debbie, and all the family on the passing of a truly wonderful husband, father, and friend. Paul Margolies was a Mench among men. Our times together in the past were special to me and to him. Our friendship surpassed all bumps and remained strong over the years. My favorite Uncle Paul story had to do with his little boat the BayGull. Or at least that is as how i remember it. Paul, you will remain on our hearts and memories forever.

Adelaide (Dell) Margolies
4 years ago

Me became we at age 16 and ended at 78: 62 years of friendship, 59 years of marriage, 2 beloved children 4 beyond special grandchildren. The ME/HE/WE/US!!!
He made me laugh, he made me cry. He made me who I am today. At times he suffered greatly but handled it with humor,grace and courage. As a result he was affectionally called Superman. Sooooo….look up in the sky…a bird? A plane? No, it’s our Superman…soaring higher into a new place.
Paul is so respected and loved by business friends, social friends, our respective extended families, our children and our grandchildren.
Fly away Paul…be safe and believe as I do, that we will all meet again.

Shelly Atlas
4 years ago

It is obvious that Paul was well loved and respected. He had great character, a funny personality and a big heart. My heartfelt condolences to you . You’re in my thoughts and prayers and I’m here for whatever you need.

Marsha Margolies
4 years ago

Pincus Machel Ben Hershel Bar Mitzvah Jan. 1954
Sister Judy’s wedding Dec. 1957 Paul was 16
NUHS graduation 1958/59
Paul and Dell Wedding Nov. 1961
Paul, Dell, Marsha and Alan Shafer 1974. Paul was 33

Roberta Atlas Levine
4 years ago

Dell, Steve, Debbie and your families
Paul was loved by many and will be missed. Our families went together to Homowack for Passovers and we always had a great time. Joel and I are glad that he was a witness at our wedding and he signed our Ketupah. May he Rest IN Peace. Our love to all of you!!

Marsha Margolies
4 years ago

Pincus Machel ben Herschel Bar Mitzvah Jan. 1954
Sister Judy’s wedding Dec. 1957 Paul was 16
NUHS graduation 58/59
Paul & Dell wedding Nov 1961
Marsha, Paul, Alan, Dell 1974 Paul was 33

Howard Kopel
4 years ago

He was a wonderful guy. Very caring and I loved to have conversations with,I was able to say he was my cousin for many years.We will miss you

Phil Sherman
4 years ago

I am sorry and saddened to hear of Paul’s passing at this time. My heart goes out to you and your family. He obviously was a very special and precious man to many. May love solace and peace envelope you now and forever.

Zack margolies
4 years ago

I am sorry to hear of the passing of my cousin Paul.

Marsha Margolies
4 years ago

These are pictures of Paul from his Bar Mitzvah, Jan ‘54, New Utrecht HS graduation, and Paul and Dell’s Wedding pictureh

Marsha Margolies
4 years ago

These are pictures of Paul from his bar mitzvah, high school, and wedding. I adored my brother. He was my hero. He was my Superman.

Marsha Margolies
4 years ago

My brother was my hero. He was my Superman. I adored him and I will miss him forever. I have been trying for days to post a few pictures but it is not working.

Marsha Margolies
4 years ago

This is the picture of Paul from his Bar Mitzvah Jan VA 1954. If it doesn’t post I will put it on Facebook

4 years ago

I have been trying to post pictures for days. I will post on Facebook on Paul’s page so the Atlas family can see them

Francine Bogdanoff
4 years ago

Marsha – thank you for sharing these wonderful photos – they are amazing and all part of Paul and his wonderful life. My condolences to you and your sister as well. He obviously was special to all of us – but never as special as to a sister! Much lover! Fran

Steven Haber
3 years ago

Sometimes I thought that Paul and I shared a brain. We would get into word games and find bad puns, bad jokes and pass a knowing look. Occasionally I will see or hear something weird and I will think Paul would have gotten a kick out of that. He was more like an older brother than a cousin.