Louise Linkoff

Date: Sunday, January 26, 2020

Time: 2:15pm

Location: Isaiah Chapel

Cemetery: Wellwood Cemetery


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The Milch Family
4 years ago

Louise brought gaiety to all whom she touched, and her solicitude of others drove us to be better people. Her reputation for fastidiousness tempered by forbearance endures at the Stony Brook Hebrew Congregation. She had a rare gift to relieve the tedium of daily existence, and refocus one’s thoughts when life’s vicissitudes seemed overwhelming, being equally at ease with the young and the old.

Dr. Linkoff often proclaimed his abiding affection and admiration for his bride, Lou, without whom his life, both personal and professional, would have been inconceivable; undoubtedly, her children could say something similar of their experiences. Never one to boast, she nevertheless was unable to conceal her pride in her grandchildren, because in them, she witnessed all that any person in this world might hope to realize.

We will always miss her, for we will always remember her.