Barbara Rachlin

Date: Friday, January 8, 2021

Time: 11:30am

Location: Graveside

Cemetery: Wellwood Cemetery


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Jennifer Schwarz
3 years ago

Your Mother’s warm and loving touch will always be in my heart. I send all of my love to each of you and wish you comfort during this time. I share your sadness and my tears mingle with yours. May Barbara’s memory always be as a Blessing. I have so many memories of both of your parents, one of my favorites is from the time that they visited me in Washington state. As we walked across the pasture outside my house, Marvin said that he would love to see a Bald Eagle while they were in Washington. Being together, we reminisced about the past, we held dear the memories of Ronnie and my father. As the three of us walked together an Eagle appeared, swooped down and flew over us. We all laughed together, filled with joy!

3 years ago

Michael, Susan, Lisa- I’m sorry to hear of your mom’s passing. Your folks were always so kind and supportive of me and my family. When i graduated law school, your dad sent a beautiful leather bound legal dictionary that I use to this day. And your mom always had a kind word. I’m very grateful to have known both of them, and shared them just a little bit. My love and thoughts are with you guys. Zichrona L’veracha.