Marlene Greenberg

Date: Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Time: 11:30am

Location: Graveside

Cemetery: Wellwood Cemetery

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Alicia schmitz
6 years ago

You are my world. I love you so much. Now your my angel and in no more pain. I think about you all the tine and thought I went through a lot in life already, but no one taught me how to live without you my mom, my best friend and now my angel ❤️

Alicia schmitz
6 years ago

How do I live with out you?

Vinnie LaGreca
6 years ago

Marlene, you will suffer no more and you will be at peace. I’m sorry we didn’t come and say goodbye to you, but now you can hear us talk to you and you know you’ll be missed.

Howard Kossover
6 years ago

This is from a birthday card I wrote but never sent several years ago because birthdays should be happy.

(Marlene, remember how we used to talk about how I should have been you and you me. You were always taller and bolder than me. Well it’s still true today. I wish I could take your place and relieve you of your pain. Not that I can cope any better but you have so much to live for.)

Marlene, now I know you’re free of pain and probably there with mom and dad. I’ll always remember all the good times we had as kids without a worry in the world.

Brenda Hauselt
6 years ago

Mom was a dedicated mother,grandmother,daughter,sister,cousin,and a true friend. My mom is one of the strongest woman I ever will know. A new battle every week, month, or year but always kept fighting and moving forward. I NEVER realized how much courage someone can truly have- my mom showed me this. Quote…”True strength is keeping everything together when everyone expects you to fall apart.” I learned how to put up a fight and deal with disappointment but I def. didnt learn how to cook from her…I learned how to order in or enjoy going out. I also learned that having a nosh corner was the best and so many others would agree. She always had a smile on her face even though I knew the pain at times was unbearable. She was kind and never judged. Never let her insecurities stop anybody from doing what they wanted to do. She was giving…she welcomed my friends and sisters friend’s into our home always…at times to live w us. She always took the time to write letters to my sister and I in the morning when she went to work w my dad. She would make sure my sister and I were always happy…always did her best. My mom is at peace more pain emotionally or physically. I was w her til the end holding her hand….her beautiful hand. She knew she wasnt alone and I believe she heard the doctor on the phone w me…she held on til i got there..held on til my sister could speak to her. It was then I felt a piece of me go with her. i will never forgert her beautiful face and laugh…anybody who knew her would never forget her laugh either… my mom never let my sister and i down…always found a solution. I guess thats why in my home our motto is…We Never Give Up. I even passed that down to all the students I taught throughout the years. Barry…her beloved friend couldnt be w us today. She will always be in his prayers…he truely loved my mom. A wonderful man… fortunate to of had each other. He stayed w her through thick and thin. He was her support system and I could never thank him enough. Stacey wanted me to mention that she will never forget how important she was to her but w her own fathers circumstances couldnt be here today. I will end by saying Kay Serra Serra…a song my mom always sang and now i find myself singing it to my own kids. Rest in more pain mom….your free if it. I love you! You had all the great qualities a child could ask for. Until we meet again!