Robert Henry Fauer

Date: Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Time: 1:00pm

Location: Graveside

Cemetery: Beth Moses Cemetery

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Gloria Perna
6 years ago

Dear Robert,
Ralph and I always enjoyed your company, You were a lovely, patient man, and will be missed by many.
May you Rest in Peace! Gloria & Ralph Perna

Gloria Perna
6 years ago

Dear Robert,
Ralph and I always enjoyed your company. You were a lovely, patient man, and will be missed by many.
May you rest in peace! Gloria & Ralph Perna

6 years ago

Sleep in paradise Robert it was fun hanging with u for the last few months. I remembered u always singing u r my sunshine.. see u in paradise.

Pamela Grey
6 years ago

Dear Cousin Robert, you were a wonderful husband to Estelle and father to Edith. I know you were also fine stepfather and step grandfather. I hope you spend time with Alvin and Blanche and all the other family members in the hereafter. It was great knowing you. Love, Cousin Pam

Estelle Rattner
6 years ago

My dear Robert
Where did my Robbie go? This was not the man I fell in love with 27 years ago the day we met. So hard to describe the disease that took him away from me little bits at a time. It’s not until one lives daily with an Alzheimer victim can you truly realize how tragic and bizarre life can be.
I was angry, I was confused, I was the victim of this disease too. I realize now that I never gave up and that sitting beside him in that hospital room, all I could reflect on was the wonderful life we had together.
Robert Fauer was truly my hero. From the day we met we were inseparable. We did everything together. He was the most amazing man I have ever known. He was so easygoing, and kind. He was my soulmate. I could not believe how much we had in common and our likes, values and interests were so similar.
There was not one thing that this man could not do. He had golden or should I say platinum hands. If he was not sure how to build something he read books on it and created a masterpiece.
His love for music and art was amazing. We spend numerous hours visiting every museum and art gallery. When we vacationed, you would never find us sitting on a beach. We browsed through every antique shop, thrift shop and flea market we could find. We loved to stroll through towns and malls. I had to drag him out of the mall. Hey ladies could you beat that?
Robert was also an avid reader. He had hundreds of books on science, art, medicine, history, psychology, human nature and the English language was his favorite. He collected dictionaries, poetry, English phases, famous speeches. In fact when he worked at Grumman he would spend his lunchtime studying the English language. He had so many books he built the most beautiful custom book cases to hold them.
His love for music and art was insatiable. While I was in my office working on my computer he would be listening to some of his hundreds of CD’s and reading his cherished books. And then he started playing the harmonica. He took it everywhere and people would stand around and clap. In fact strangely, the further his dementia progressed, his harmonica quality increased. Robert was also an artist, had an excellent singing voice and was a great dancer.
I am totally overwhelmed over the amount of comments people have sent to me of how kind, gentle, caring and talented Robert was. He touched so many hearts and I was so proud to be his love.
I will miss him dearly. Our daughters and grandchildren will remember all the wonderful times they had. He was their Pop Pop. He will forever be in theirs hearts too. How lucky they were to have him.
It is with such sadness I have to say goodbye to you my darling Robert. You were my rock. I will miss you so.

Diane Fauer Fox
6 years ago

I think he liked remembering
The kind and gentle things
Walking through the Bronx Park Zoo
Flying kites on strings

With boxes full of raisins
We’d go upon our walks
And with good information
He would infuse our talks

He understood how most things worked
From books and magazines
He built fine model airplanes
And pumped iron in his teens

A grave misfortune in his youth
Left him battle scarred
But even this sore trial
Didn’t make him hard

Right from the beginning
He was there for me
Being everything and more
A big brother should be

How invaluable was
The knowledge he imparted
Telling time, tying shoes
How the world got started

It was said he had
A reading disability
But this did not prevent him
From reading books to me

Popular Mechanics was
This young machinist’s beacon
Science was his passion
And never did that weaken

Life was somewhat stressful
Up in Oakland Place
But Robert never lost his wits
He handled all wth grace

Together we’d watch Rawhide
And The Twilight Zone
The space age was then dawning
And progress set the tone

But time did not stand still
Quite soon he found employment
He bought a sky blue Chevy
Which gave us great enjoyment

He took me to the beach
Bought my first comic book
And a piano music box
He gave and never took

He brought into that tenement
A sense of joy and whimsy
And nothing he constructed
Was ever weak or flimsy

The Purple People Eater
The Turkish March and more
Jazz and Rock and Roll
How he loved the record store

Every wholesome pleasure
And none other did he crave
He had a noble spirit
And was also very brave

His kindness and true common sense
I never will forget
It gave some balance to that place
Of quarrels and regret

It seems the time we have on earth
Is very short indeed
But Robert did all that he could
To nurture every seed

He leaves a loving family
Who will miss him every day
This Brother, Father, lover, friend
Excelled in every way

I hope he’s walking now
Though a green and leafy wood
A paradise of nature
For one so dear and good