Philip Baird

Date: Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Time: 10:30am

Location: Graveside

Cemetery: Mount Ararat Cemetery

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Richard Feldman
7 years ago

Phil was my employer when I was a young man. He imported stereos from Japan. And I worked in a warehouse in Manhattan on 26th Street off of 11th Avenue, putting these together and getting paid $1.00 for each, which was a pretty good salary for me in the mid-1970’s…..He resurfaced in my life, as a New York City teacher, a number of years ago, as a supporter of a charity run by the Friar’s Club of New York….Through his connections students in C.S. 211, a public school in the middle of the Bronx, New York were given winter gloves and hats. W also recieved tickets to attend a special Chanukah/Christmas Holiday Party run by the Friar’s Club that featured a newly released children’s movie and wonderful backpacks filled with ‘goodies’…..just yesterday, in fact, I was talking to the school secretary about the tickets that we have for this years party!!!! So I thank Phil for his kindness to me as a young man, and for his support of the children of New York….And let everyone know that his spirit of kindness and support are being felt even today, and will remain in my consciousness and in those that he reached out to with his generosity forever….With most sincerely sympathy, Rick Feldman