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Michael Boyd
1 year ago

From what I’ve been told I wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for Marvin Eisenman. As the story goes, in the early 1960’s, Marvin and my future father were friends who went to an evening party at the Malibu in Lido Beach. Marvin was talking to a young lady he was interested in while my father was across the room. My future mother knew Marvin and she came up to him interrupting his conversation with the young lady he was interested in. My mother had recently moved into NYC and was looking to buy a couch. Marvin was trying to get rid of my mother so he pointed towards my father and “You see him over there, he’ll be able to help you with the couch you need.” Now, at that time, my father was unemployed and had never been in the furniture business. All he knew about couches was that he liked to sit on them. But, my father was never one to miss an opportunity with a pretty girl, so he played along and eventually they fell in love, got married and he bought her a house with several couches that they picked out together.
In the years that followed, I was born and I got to know Marvin and his wife Dana. They were both always good friends to our family. I can remember when my parents were older and hospitalized at times in New York, more than once there was Marvin visiting one of them and then also helping the other.
Marvin, on behalf of myself, my wife (Lisa) and our two children (Jessica and Zachary), thank you for making that sly introduction that brought my parents together; we wouldn’t be here if you hadn’t.

Jackie Bashkoff
1 year ago

I will always remember Marvin’s infectious smile. He was a happy soul and a very nice man. my thoughts and prayers are with Dana and the children. Jackie Bashkoff