Marni Ogrodnik

Date: Friday, December 9, 2016

Time: 12:30pm

Location: Waters Chapel

Cemetery: Beth Moses Cemetery



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7 years ago

I really will love you forever, my darling Marni…be at peace sweet angel.

Sandy Leider & Alan Grad and family
7 years ago

We are truly heartbroken by Marni’s passing. We hope that you find some comfort through the love and support of your dear friends and family.

Lauren Bloomstone
7 years ago

I will always remember Marni and her bright smile. She was a wonderful asset to the Plainedge class of ’87. She was always very nice to me.My thoughts go to her friends and family. and may she rest in peace.

Debbie Beck
7 years ago

My best friend for over 30 years. My grief knows no limits, time will never heal my heart. You are my most treasured angel. My children tell me I will see you again. Till that day I will miss you.

Yvette DeMaria & Family
7 years ago

Marni was a beautiful soul. She spread smiles & joy wherever she went. If she complimented you, it was genuine. So saddened by hearing of her passing. My thoughts go to her family and I hope you find comfort during this time. She will be missed by many.

Janine viverito
7 years ago

I am so sad to hear this….I just saw her not too long ago so edgy and her quick wit…she was always SO bright FUNNY and so sweet …always made me smile <3 rest in peace…my prayers to the family….xoxo

Thomas Ahlers
7 years ago

Marni was Talented, Very Funny and I was happy to share my formative years as her comrade.

Cathy Mecca
7 years ago

May God grant Marni her eternal rest and peace and her family the strength to bear the great pain of her loss

Thomas Ahlers
7 years ago

Marni was a talent and I was happy to laugh with her during out formative years.

Frieda Toback
7 years ago

Sweet Marni. I grew up with her father and knew them both to be sweet, kind, outstanding people. What a loss this is. There are no words to express the sorrow we all feel right now. May God bless her family through this difficult time.

Annette Clementelli
7 years ago

My dear, sweet Marni-our one in a million Marni-I feel like I have lost another little sister! I hope you and Tricia continue where you left off! Your family will be in our prayers during this difficult time. We are so sad…..

Lori Dengler
7 years ago

She touched many lives. Rest in peace.

Jeff Stein
7 years ago

All I know of Marni is her sweetness and kindness to others. She lifted me when I was down. To her family and friends, I am sending all my positive energy.

Dylan Barmmer
7 years ago

I didn’t know Marni all that long, but she affected and touched me in a very deep, real, raw, visceral and beautiful way. Marni was a truly special soul. She will be missed so much because she was so rare and real. Sleep sweetly, Marni. I wrote this haiku for you:

A beautiful soul
your Light will never burn out
sleep sweetly, in peace

Christy V.
7 years ago

Such a sweet person and I am happy I got to know her. RIP Miss Marni.

Page Bachynsky
7 years ago

It is rare that you meet an individual who has contributed so deeply to humankind as did Marni. Though her days on this planet were far too few, may we take comfort in the priceless gifts she left us with. May God bless her soul and bless her family.

Rabbi Marci Bellows
7 years ago

Sending love and condolences to all. May Marni’s memory be for a blessing.

Christine Kelly
7 years ago

I worked with Marni for seven years. She was incredibly knowledgeable and always helped make me a better writer. My prayers go out to her family. She will be remembered dearly with great respect

Angela Remmert
7 years ago

Marni and I worked together for over 15 years and I was always amazed at her talent. Her care and attention to detail showed her love for the written word. But most importantly, she was an incredible friend, aunt, sister and daughter. We shared the same tastes and values in so many ways. In conversations and her actions, it was clear how much her family meant to her. How she would call me over to see adorable photos of her niece and nephew with such love for them. The way she talked to her mom and sister on the phone with such care and concern. This proved to me what a special, selfless person she was. But she was also just so fun and we shared a lot of the same memories. From the Magic Garden to Match Game, it was clear we were sitting at our homes watching the same shows back in the day. Fast forward, we talked about the new Match Game and how she had to be a contestant and put her vast pop culture knowledge to work for fabulous prizes.. As far as politics, we also shared the same perspective. I remember when she proudly showed me her woman card over our shared cubicle wall. I asked her to be the witness on my proxy vote and we were so excited about the possibilities. That would have been such a victory to share with her. As an Italian American, food is love in my eyes. And she knew what was truly delicious. When she made eggplant Parmesan for an office party, I swore she was Italian. Thank you to that side of her family! And I always raved about the potato pancakes she brought In once, hoping she would make them again, even though they were “so much work” because of course you had to grate them yourself. Yesterday we all went to Victor’s, her favorite pizza place near the office, and shared stories about this wonderful, creative, intelligent friend. As I sat there eating eggplant Parmesan and hearing memories about this glamouros, Jackie O sunglasses wearing talent, I realized even more how much she touched my life and how much I will miss her. Xoxo

Tony Martin
7 years ago

Marni always had a big smile and a kind word for everyone. She made me laugh, she made me think and she made me proud of the work that we did together.

I will never forget her kindness and care for everything she did and the warmth that she showed to all.

Rest In Peace Marni Girl – I will miss you.


David Gottlieb
7 years ago

I worked with Marni for over 15 years and she was just such a wonderful, friendly and caring person. I was always amazed at Marni’s creativity and her incredible talent for writing. Everything she wrote was so eloquent and flowed so beautifully. Marni and our team at work were almost like a family, because we shared so many experiences together over so many years. In our team, Marni was always a very special person, a beautiful and gentle soul who touched all of us. I will miss her.

Ellen Rassiger
7 years ago

We were friendly in high school – as someone else said, she was always nice to me. We had great fun at the reunions and became closer on Facebook in the last few years. But in reading these comments here, even though I didn’t work with her for many years, or grow up with her, or even spend adult time socially with her, every word from everyone rings true. Talented, smart, witty, edgy, glamorous, fun – she really was that “special” person who added to a room just by being there. In thinking of her recently, what kept popping into my head was, “I ADMIRED her.” Because she just seemed to be that one-of-a-kind person and made friends everywhere she went, and it’s obvious she did. (I think she would have found it hysterical that my “prove I’m not a robot” challenge was: Check all the images that have sushi in them.) The world will be a little less bright without her in it.

Kerry Berthen Brodman
7 years ago

Known Marni (Manya!) and love her well over 30 years…. Just so devastating in every sense. I am loving reading all these beautiful words and tributes…. So happy to realize sooo many people were touched by her and will remember her inner/outer beauty. One of a kind, So wish I called every single time she crossed my mind… Life is busy but I have learned the hard way It is fragile and fleeting R.I.P. Gawjus!!????❤️❤️??

Irena Rozycki
7 years ago

I just found out today on Facebook about Marni’s passing and I am in shock. I was her teacher at PHS and she was editor of the school paper. We worked together closely on putting out the best paper we could. She had a wonderful sense of humor and was a stickler for getting the job done correctly. She was a fantastic young lady and my prayers are with her and with her family. Thank you Marni for all you taught me. Mrs. Rozycki