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Fran Shaw
1 year ago

The first memory if have of Marylyn is when I met her. I saw the love she showed for my then future husband and her brother, Michael, and the closeness she had for him. At that point, I thought she was his mother. But, I also saw the deep love she had for her children Eileen and Ross. They could do no wrong by the momma bear, Marylyn, lovingly called Mickey.

I also remember the time I won an 18 lb turkey just before Thanksgiving. Mickey’s family was hosting this first thanksgiving, which was including my parents. She had already bought an 18 lb turkey. Had to put her turkey in the oven extra early, and when that turkey was done, put the one I won in the oven. Even though she gave out some turkey to others who were invited, her family of four must have had leftover turkey for a month. We just laughed about the whole thing. Never happened again.

My next memory I have of Mickey is when we would get together either Saturday or Sunday. We would sit down and play Scrabble, or, as my niece Eileen reminded me, monopoly or Michigan rummy. Always had so much fun. And, if memory was correct, Mickey’s son, Ross, would win at monopoly, and Eileen would always win at Scrabble, or at least get multiple seven letter words. Always laughing and having a great time during these games.

I’ll miss the fun times, the beautiful loving smile of Marylyn “Mickey” Shaw Feller. Until we meet again, I love you.

May your memory be a blessing

Eileen Feller
1 year ago
Reply to  Fran Shaw

Thank you so much Aunt Fran for your wonderful memories.