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Michael McAndrew
1 year ago

Well, it looks like Larry is correct in that the Ark of the Covenant would not fit within the sanctuary of the Tabernacle. I will miss our discussions my friend.

Gene Tarver
1 year ago

Your expertise (you were our guru) in cost accounting for the hundreds of TINA proposals we worked on together will be greatly missed.

I’ll will always remember your professionalism, our conversations about the Torah and but most important, how I saw your relationship with Abba Father change you from the inside was most amazing, but now you are in His presence.

I’ll miss you my friend, but we will meet again.

Psalm 16: 9-11

9 months ago

Larry my love, I cannot believe you’re gone! I will always love you…. I’m devastated!!

Madeleine Korn
8 months ago
Reply to  Mel

I would really appreciate that a close member of Larry’s family contact me. Unfortunately it seems that he has died suddenly at the age of 60. My DNA has shown I am one of his parents first cousins. My grandfather was Elias Zuckerbrot and grandmother was Leah Zuckerbrot who were both murdered by the Nazis. I am really sorry that we didn’t get the opportunity to discuss this. I live in the UK and 91. I believe that in the 1960s we met a father or grandfather of Larry living near Rishon Le Zion.