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Helen Schonberger Levine
1 year ago

She was my Forever Friend since the day I was born. We shared All our secrets and lives. She will be missed and remembered with Love 💗

Melanie Baker Bleiweis
1 year ago

She was my aunt. i will also remember her jello molds, her love for Mahjong , clean house and her hehehe unusual laugh. We fondly called you Judilu in the 80’s. I will also never forget the job you wanted to quit however your boss loved you. You had a great personality and smile. You were very social and chatty compared to my mom. We were both emotional and both werent the best patients at the doctor. Thanks for being my cheerleader, coming to my college graduation, all the plays and things I was active in. Thanks for supporting me through my divorce, stage 4 cancer and my mom being in the hospital 36 times. I will miss you and uncle Leo so much..Hopefully, my dad ed wont talk your ear off. You now join Grandma, grandpa, Neil , Leo, Carol and Ed and anyone else I forgotl. I am sure Uncle Leo is rolling his eyes at my Dad.. My dad is probably still saying Brother in Law Leo. I am sure my mom will be happy to see you again Aunt Judy.

Im very sorry Lisa and Scott.