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Gail Skalka
2 months ago

I worked with Ilisa for many years, and she was always such a kind, funny, warm person. My condolences to her family on her loss.

Debra Heffernan
2 months ago

I remember, when we were teenagers up state NY in the summer also were together with Sharon.
she will be miss. My condolences to her family on her loss

Robin Burger
2 months ago

I cant believe I am writing this now about a dear childhood friend who I met over 55 years ago at Hands/Jans upstate at a bungalow colony in Ellenville. Her name was Ilisa and I was heartbroken and saddened to hear that she has passed away. Ilisa had a sister Sharon and along with my niece Gwena who were both a few years younger then us, we all became friends, as did both our families. We would see each other every summer have fun and make memories and then after the summer during the year we would get together occasionally until next summer. Sadly most of our family members have also passed on way to early than they should have . Now Ilisa has joined them but, once again it was way to early though. I can only hope that Ilisa was no longer in any pain or suffering and that with time her family can heal with all the love and support (especially Sharon ) and take it one day at a time and with time the future can be a remembrance and cherish all the good, wonderful memories with Ilisa from the past and keep her memory alive within all our hearts.
Rest in peace my dear friend ,and know you will truly be missed by all.