How to Write an Obituary

How to Write an Obituary

An obituary is a way to share the news of a loved one’s death, to honor their life, and share their story with others. However, when you lose a loved one, and choose to write an obituary, it can be challenging to know what to say or how to memorialize them. Here are some tips on how to write an obituary.

1. Start with the basic information.

Include the full name, date, and place of birth, and date and place of death. List those who the decedent is survived by.

2. Briefly describe the person’s life.

Include education, work history, military service, and notable accomplishments or awards.

3. Share some personal details.

What was this person like? What were their hobbies and interests? What did they love most in life?

4. Invite family members to share their memories.

Include a quote or two from those who knew the person best.

5. End with a final thought or tribute.

This is your chance to say goodbye and express how much this person meant to you and others.

Writing an obituary can be a difficult but healing task. By honoring your loved one’s life, you can start the process of mourning and begin to heal your grief.

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