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Mere Millman
1 month ago

My name is Merle, a friend of Goldies’, one who admired her for her attitude & bravery in handling her problems, never allowing them to take control of her and sour her on life & people. She was sweet, kind and gentle, & rarely complained, though she had plenty to complain about. She enjoyed simple things like eating out with friends at a Burger King, Panera or more pricy restaurant (tip arguments did arise), “listening” to Turner Classics with friends & insisting they were not the originals, & cherished her times with her family. Goldie had a positive affect on me and I’ve often spoken about her to other people as an example of how to navigate life in a difficult time of aging. I loved her dearly & I will truly miss her.

I’m sorry to have missed the service in person, but the video produced on this website was beautiful, as was the service itself. It paid honor to a wonderful person.