Gina M. Amster

Date: Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Time: 2:00pm

Location: Graveside

Cemetery: New Montefiore Cemetery

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Arlene Weber Morales
7 years ago

Gina was a wonderful person who cared about others. She was funny, a great teacher, compassionate, loving, thoughtful, determined, kind, intelligent, wise …and more. The world is a more joyful place because of Gina. I know her spirit will go on to another venue and continue. I am happy to have known Gina and worked with her. I loved the humorous stories Gina shared and when I think of them I will continue to smile and remember her. My sincere condolences to her family.

Albert Murzakhanov
7 years ago

Ms. Amster was one of the most amazing people I had the privilege of meeting and having as a teacher and mentor. She is the most caring and kind person who always went out of her way and has had a VERY POWERFUL impact on many people’s lives, including mine. She is one of those teachers you never forget, and I feel horrible for her family. I am so thankful for her guidance, support, encouragement and caring attitude. I will greatly miss her, but I will forever carry her words of wisdom with me and never forget the impact she had on my life.

Douglas O'Connor
7 years ago

Gina was a wonderful person and good friend. Gina’s influence on my life has been tremendous. She was a wonderful teacher and liked by all who knew her. I miss her delightful sense of humor and her extremely optimistic look at life. I will always remember her friendship, wisdom and love and take it with me wherever I go.

Adam Rappoport
1 year ago

My Cousin. My first friend

Ellen Amster
1 year ago

Gina was my cousin who I never actually met in this life. I heard so many wonderful things about her and felt her beautiful spirit when I stayed in her old bedroom in her parents’ home. I hope to see her and give her a big hug when I pass from this life.