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Marcia Greenblatt Zlotnick
10 months ago

I am trying to find the right words and remembrances of my uncle, Gary Schnitzer.

Uncle Gary was a hard working man, having spent his career working in the Garment District as a buyer. After retirement in FL, he busied himself with activities ranging from a job stocking magazines, even though it was physically demanding, to helping to care for elderly neighbors, as well as simply driving those who were no longer able to drive themselves.

I truly believe that more than work, Uncle Gary loved children. I was 7 months when I met him, when he was dating my aunt, and the two of them babysat me on New Year’s Eve. It takes a special person to have a New Year’s Eve date taking care of an infant. From the Polaroids taken, I think that he had a blast. Years later, he had just as great time with my son, who also has the fondest memories of Uncle Gary. For those who don’t know him, he is survived by his wife, Louise and daughter, Carole. May his memory be a blessing.