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Jessica Reich
11 days ago

From one Redhead to another. I thought about you today when my husband and I went to Trader Joe’s. My husband brought up at least we do not have to wait in lines to get in. I miss you.

Elizabeth Hicks-Kimmey
11 days ago

My favorite memory is me and Esther sitting on a street corner in Sea Gate at night playing flute (me) and guitar (Esther). We were 15 and 16 years old. I will miss most especially her laugh…the best laugh ever. And her beautiful blue eyes.

Anna E.
10 days ago

You will be missed dearly. 🤍

10 days ago

Esther you will truly be missed.
I will always remember our conversations about house stuff and shopping.

Anna Marie
10 days ago

I’m so sorry to hear you died! I haven’t spoken to you in a few years but I remember many good times. May you rest in peace

Antoinette Notaro
10 days ago

So sorry that you’re gone. You were wonderful to work with.

Staci W
1 day ago

Esther was a wonderful medical professional and person. She was patient and caring. There will never be another like her.