Edwin Krawitz

Date: Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Time: 10:00am

Location: Waters Chapel

Cemetery: Mount Ararat Cemetery

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Dr Timothy G Cloonan Col, USAF MC FS (retired)
7 years ago

Made a life long impression on his students. One of the most influential men in my life. Consider it an honor to have experienced his ability as a teacher and molder of ‘men and women’. Stood for all that was right and correct; an honorable man that I will never forget. Through his example I have never stopped studying, reading and learning, Held in high esteem by all. May he rest peacefully with the Lord God knowing he was loved and admired.

The Rev. Dr. Robert L Mordhorst, Lutheran Pastor Emeritus
7 years ago

He taught history with such skill and enthusiasm that he made me want to be a teacher of history just like him. The Lord had other plans and led me into ministry but not before I minored in history. Throughout my life I have been a student of history because of him, and it has enriched my life immensely. I and many like me, I’m sure, are a living tribute to Ed Krawitz and the gift he was to so many. Rest eternal grant him, O Lord.

7 years ago

I was on the Faculty with Ed at Bethpage High School and we became good and fast friends to this very day. It’s no surprise to me to have seen and relished the adoration of virtually everyone whose lives he touched because he was a most compassionate and passionate person. My love and condolences to Steven,, Susan and family. Ed was crazy about you all and his total memory will live on in each of you.
I am saddened by his passing, but knowing him as intimately as I did, I know that along with your grief, he’d like you to “celebrate” all the many wonderful things about him that made his life so special.
I kiss and hug each of you.

David Kessler, Bethpage High School Class of 1957
7 years ago

Ed was a greatly admired and respected member of Bethpage High School’s first faculty. I know from many conversations with fellow alumni that his former students held him in the highest regard. Many have described him as their favorite teacher, a testament to a man whom we loved so much, and who deeply cared about us, in return.

Ed never missed a reunion of my Class of 1957. By the time we gathered for our 35th Reunion in 1982, he had become our keynote speaker. His task was to bring us up to date on the significance of world events since our graduation. He last joined us in 2012 for our reunion in Florida, once again serving as our keynote speaker. He had become our perennial keynoter.

Over the course of a number of years, he became a very special, caring and supportive lifelong friend. He was a mentor, an engaging conversationalist who could speak on almost any topic, and a model of ethical behavior.

He used to tell me that he could remember each and every one of his students, in their seats, in his social studies classes. Now, we are the ones remembering him and profusely thanking him for his special friendship and qualities, and for laying the foundation for us to successfully travel the pathways of our lives. He was a man who made such a difference for so many of his former students.

Andrea Ketover Ciampi
7 years ago

Ann and Ed were wonderful neighbors and good friends. My condolences to Steven, Susie, and the family. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Dr Timothy G Cloonan Col, USAF MC FS (retired)
7 years ago

I am grateful I had the chance to tell Mr. Krawitz in person and on-line how much I appreciated him being in my life. The impact it made on me and all the people I touched, family, civilian and military. He was a sterling example. I pray yesterday went well and we have peace. Where do we get men like this? Very respectfully, Tim Cloonan BHS ’58

Marty Riger, Class of 1957
7 years ago

Ed Krawitz was a teacher of mine at Bethpage High School. He along with several other teachers and coaches pointed me in the right direction in setting my life’s path and journey. His love of subject and his joy in imparting this to his students was inspirational. I thought “what a great way to live your life” and that is the path I chose.
In later years I got to know Mr. Krawitz in a more social environment. He attended most of our class reunions and most of us, through his speeches to the alumni, became very much aware of his political leanings, something he did not do when we were students. It was wonderful.
I also became very much aware of his prowess on the tennis courts. At these reunions he and I would partner up and play and defeat some of the tennis players he had coached in high school. A baseball player and a middle aged retired teacher !!. What a blast. It was great.
My heartfelt condolences to Steven, Susan and Ed’s family. May you know no more sorrow. Ed Krawitz left “footsteps” wherever he went. He will be missed…

Robby Berman
7 years ago

I regret never having Mr. K. as a teacher. But as my Principal in HAFTAR he was a true mensch and role model.

Stan Chuck Hafers
4 years ago

I share in sorrow over a good man passing. However I believe he is headed toward a better place. I enjoyed knowing him as a teacher,coach and a person. Good by COACH we enjoyed playing the game.
Fly Golden Eagles Fly!