Arieh Narkunski

Date: Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Time: 12:30pm

Location: Isaiah Chapel

Cemetery: Wellwood Cemetery

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Natan H
7 years ago

A day of flying turned into a day of crying and pain. Today, we lost a dear, true friend and flight instructor. He will be missed very much by his old a new students, friends and family. We will miss his golden smile and one of a kind personality.

Chaim Menachem ruttner
7 years ago

ARIEH.Z”L.was to me like my big brother.he arranged my trip for this up coming Friday to be able to give a shiur in a yeshiva and be back in time for shabbos. He said Menachem listen to me you are going to give a Torah lecture it’s important I’ll arrange it all and he did. When out of his way beyond his duty as an instructor to make it happen I felt so taking care do I tell this bochrim my brother Arieh is not among us. המקום מנחם אתכם my thoughts and prayers are with all of us who feel like we lost a family member.ומחה ה דמה מעל כל פנים may Hashem wipe away our tears . ……………………………….אמן ואמן ……………………………

7 years ago

I don’t know where to begin. You were like a big brother to me. May your soul go up to heaven in true peace. We all loved you! We still do? this post has to be limited in letters, but it doesn’t stop here… Forever everywhere, God bless you Arieh and all of us!?we already miss you very very much ?

Eddie T
7 years ago

Rest in peace dear Arieh, you will be missed!

Leah Horowitz
7 years ago

Arye, you left doing what you loved. Who knew our last flight last week would be the last one forever. Rest in peace my friend!!

Julian Zagorodnev
7 years ago

Still can’t believe he is gone. We became friends so quickly, and now there’s a hole in my heart. I miss you, Arieh, terribly miss you!

גדעון נרקונסקי
7 years ago

אני גדעון נרקונסקי אחיו של אריה אחי הגדול והיחידי ( 5 שנים גדול ממני) אני ממש כואב אל לכתו בטרם עת ופתאומיות עזב אותי לאחר מערכת יחסים טובה בשנים האחרונות ,אני לא יוכל להגיע להלוותו מידית אני יגיע לשדה התעופה בהקדם האפשרי

,הוא מאד אהב את הטיסה וזה היה הכל בשבילו

מי שרוצה ליצור קשר בקשר אליו אני בטלפון : 972-544239681

! מודה לכם על ההספדים


Esther Bobroff
7 years ago

To Rachel Staub and Family,
Wishing Sincere Condolences
From Esther Bobroff

7 years ago

Always in our hearts.You will never be forgotten. Those that touch our lives, stay in our hearts forever. We will miss you.

Susan Zang (Bobroff)
7 years ago

Very sorry about your loss