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daniel mcguinness
8 months ago

Col. Gershow was my Aeroscience teacher at UHS(class of 1981) I took his class 2 years since he was such an awesome teacher, and he imparted his amazing knowledge and stories of aviation. As a former Pan Am pilot, I introduced Col. Gershow to my dad, and we took field trips to Hangar 19 to see my dads operation of overseeing Pan Ams 747 overhaul service. Col. Gershow was so passionate about aviation, that many members of his class that I was in are now members of the aviation community! He had many great stories, including his time as a USAAF pilot flying the B25 on antishipping missions in the Pacific. My favorite memory was flying with him out of Republic in his Cessna 172(N80199),we were over the Long Island sound. He had his student trainee in the left seat, and I was seated in the back with another classmate. Suddenly, he spotted a seaplane taking off from the sound, and decided to show us how to set up and attack an opponent. He proceeded to put us into a left hand roll, diving down at an aggressive angle to catch the seaplane from above. After he taught us how to attack an enemy from out of the sun, he lined us up behind the seaplane, and proceeded to put us into a scissors maneuver, teaching rudder technique. What a great day!!! 43 years ago, still feels like yesterday!
Col. Gershow was funny(I still use many of his phrases this day like Village idiot) he was passionate, fair and above all masterful in his knowledge and passion of aviation! Also reminded us to work hard and hustle, he would tell us he was a “triple dipper” Pensions from the USAF, Pan Am and Uniondale school district! In class he would tell us to be careful and alert or else we would”buy the farm”

Frankly, I was amazed, and very pleased to learn my favorite teacher almost made it to the century mark. I just assumed he was long gone. I am so sorry I never got to catch up again and hear his funny voice(sorry, but it was part of his awesome personality!) and his great jokes. He was always a ray of sunshine in my teen aged gloomy years! But he made such a huge impact on me, I joined the USAF because of Col. Gershow and found my way after this amazing man! Rest Easy Col. Gershow.