5 Ways to Find Jewish Cemetery Plots for Sale

5 Ways to Find Jewish Cemetery Plots for Sale

Many people prefer to find Jewish cemetery plots for sale so they can plan ahead. Funeral pre-planning, which includes the direction for burial, alleviates stress and hastily made decisions associated with death. When planning, it is common to establish a family plot for multiple family members, which is why space may be limited and in high demand.

Depending on your situation, you may need to secure cemetery spots for yourself and future generations. Long Island is home to dozens of Jewish cemeteries, so if you are interested in finding cemetery plots for sale, all of the options below could be helpful:

1. Connect with Cemeteries

The first way to find cemetery plots for sale is to contact a cemetery in your area. Ask them if they have any available plots and how much they cost. If you have family buried in the same cemetery, ask about any available locations near theirs.

2. Ask Funeral Homes

It may be a good idea to call a local funeral home to see if they have recommendations for cemeteries with available plots. Many funeral directors have relationships with cemeteries in the area. Therefore, they may be able to point you in the right direction or put you in touch with the best person to speak with.

3. Talk with Friends and Family

Ask friends and family members if they know anyone who is planning to sell their cemetery plot. You may be able to make arrangements with someone you know, which will make transfer and payment much easier for everyone involved (and possibly more affordable). It also means there is a chance for burial alongside family members.

4. Reach Out to Local Synagogues

Finally, reach out to Synagogues in your area. Some offer burial plots for sale that were purchased by the Synagogue directly. They may also be aware of members of the congregation that are planning to sell their plots.

5. Check Online

Check online for cemetery plots for sale in or around your area. Plot owners look to sell undesired sites for various reasons, such as a change in marital status and relocation. There are cemetery plot listing services that will list the cemetery, general location, plot price (and any additional fees), photos of the site, details on internment services offered, and contact information for the seller of the property.

We Can Help with Questions About Long Island Cemetery Plots

Star of David Memorial Chapels on Long Island, New York, can provide guidance, information, and resources to those making arrangements for burial plots. Our Jewish funeral home is conveniently adjacent to Long Island’s major Jewish cemeteries! Please get in touch with us at 631-454-9600.

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